What Are Some Good Activities for a Class Reunion?

Some good class reunion activities include hosting a cocktail hour, having a DJ-led dance party with songs from the graduation year, bowling and taking group photos. Reunion activities can take place during the evening or daytime, allowing for a wide range of ideas.

Some games that can be played at class reunions are Jog that Memory and Team Jeopardy. In Jog that Memory, an organizer creates a group of 20 to 30 photos of events or places that are significant to the graduating year, such as global news, local events and area festivals. Participants identify the photo for a free drink card. In Team Jeopardy, teams answer questions relevant to the high school or college and the graduating class.

Some examples of daytime activities are taking a tour of downtown to see how the city has changed since graduation, going to the school's football game in spirited attire, hosting a charity golf tournament and touring the school to see if and how it has changed. During a group gathering, it is also fun to select people and have them answer questions about their funniest memory, favorite teacher, secret crush or biggest trouble during school. Reunion organizers can then post favorite answers on the class reunion website.