What Are Some Good 60th Wedding Anniversary Ideas?

The traditional symbol for a 60th wedding anniversary is the diamond, so incorporating diamonds into gifts or celebrations is a good idea. Also, think about the couple's history together, and try to include people, places or items that are significant for them.

The celebration of a 60th wedding anniversary is a significant event. Diamonds are precious and strong and are a perfect symbol for a relationship that has lasted 60 years. When planning a party, use decorations and colors with a diamond theme, such as jewelled centerpieces and glittery accessories. You can give a gift of diamonds or find something inspired by diamonds, such as crystal glassware.

A couple celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary have a long shared history together. Most couples celebrating this anniversary are in their 80s and may appreciate marking the occasion with an experience together rather than receiving gifts. If the couple has a special place or group of people who have been important in their life together, you can bring these elements together in a celebration. You can buy personalized gifts such as photo canvases or a family tree. Organizing a message from the White House could also be special.