What Are Some Good 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men?

When a loved one is facing the reality of entering his "golden years," the best gifts either make him laugh or recall precious memories. Therefore, homemade gifts sometimes are the most suitable.

To give a man a memorable gift, the giver should contact people who have known the man well through the years, such as family members, friends, co-workers and fellow hobbyists. The people contacted should write about a memorable experience, tell how they feel about him and show photos. They should write these experiences on matching stationery and enclose each in a separate matching envelope. Finally, the bundle should be tied with twine.

A commemorative poster with all the important things that occurred in the world in the year in which the man was born also makes a terrific gift. The giver should be sure to include the phrase "most importantly, John Doe was born" at the bottom. Finally, the giver should add an attractive frame for hanging the poster in a prominent location.