What Are Some Good 21st Birthday Jokes?

Some good 21st birthday jokes are the story of Johnny trying to walk on water for his birthday and a joke that suggests a 21-year-old tell her parents that they can no longer choose her bedtime. In addition, Melanie White tells several jokes about a person's 21st birthday, such as that a 21-year-old should not drink and vote and that a 21-year-old finally grants her parents their freedom.

Throughout Johnny's childhood, he hears stories from his father and grandfather about celebrating their 21st birthdays. The older men boast that on their 21st birthday's they each walked on water. The men talk about how they gloriously spent their birthdays walking across a lake to enjoy a drink at a bar.

On his 21st birthday, the grandson tries to walk on water. He rides in a boat to the middle of the lake. When he gets out to stand on the water, he falls and nearly drowns. The grandson expresses dismay that he can't walk on water like his father and grandfather. The father explains that the older men celebrate their birthdays in January and the lake is frozen in January, while the grandson celebrates his birthday in July.

Melanie White also says that turning 21 isn't that great because 21 is when a person has to start buying her own toilet paper. White says that a person turning 21 needs to stop playing video games and start designing them. In addition, several 21st birthday jokes surround a 21-year-old's relationship with her parents, such as the parents already having plans to redesign the child's room.