How Do You Give the Perfect Wedding Toast?


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The best wedding toasts are sincere and come from the heart. Toasts should be personalized and last about three to five minutes. The toast should include something nice about both the bride and the groom, and it should also highlight the things that make the couple special and compatible.

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How Do You Give the Perfect Wedding Toast?
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The person giving the toast should make sure the music has stopped playing then stand and identify herself. If the person giving the toast is the host of the reception, she should thank the guests for coming and welcome the out-of-town guests. The toast should incorporate knowledge about the couple into the message and be respectful of their tastes and sensibilities. The focus should remain on the couple throughout and not on the person giving the toast. A good wedding toast talks about the love between the bride and groom.

The toast should avoid mentioning any past relationships that the bride or groom may have had,to avoid upset, and it should be filled with hopeful notes for the couple's future happiness. The Internet is a great place to find ideas about appropriate wedding toasts. Sites like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook offer examples of both good and bad toasts to use as inspiration.

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