How Do You Give a Money Tree As a Gift?

give-money-tree-gift Credit: fstop123/E+/Getty Images

To give a money tree as a gift, creatively attach dollar bills to living or artificial tree branches and present the tree as a gift. Purchase a small tree at a home gardening store, or find an artificial tree at a craft store. When attaching money to a living tree, do not harm the leaves. Use ribbons that can be easily cut off or removed to attach the bills.

Alternatively, tie the dollar bills to branches on a plant that looks like a tree. For artificial plants, tape colorful bows onto the branches. To make giving money easy, decorate and glue on small clothespins to the artificial tree to hold the money. Add sparkly paint and glitter to an artificial tree to make a standout gift.

Attaching a poem or inspirational quote to the base of the plant is a nice way to personalize the money-tree gift. Include a personal note inside the card explaining the significance of the amount of money attached to the tree. This personal touch creates a fond memory for the gift receiver.

This gift is always well-received since cash can be spent at any retail store. Alternatively, tie on 10 or 20, single dollar bills, and attach a prepaid credit card to the base of the tree for online purchases.