How Do You Give Condolence to a Grieving Family?

give-condolence-grieving-family Credit: Tomas Rodriguez/Picture Press/Getty Images

Condolence messages to a grieving family specifically expresses sympathy for the family's loss and support and provide support by assuring the family that the message sender's thoughts are with the family. A brief appreciation of the life of the deceased is also appropriate, and messages should be personalized and specific.

The content of condolence messages also depends on whether they are delivered in person or in writing, If in writing, whether the message is a longer letter or a shorter note accompanied by flowers or a gift in memory of the deceased also makes a difference. To personalize the message in a more powerful and memorable manner, the life of the deceased may be recalled through personal anecdotes, further assuring the grieving family that the person's memory lives on in those he inspired and who loved him.

Composing a personal message that is both comforting and honors the memory of the dead is important, but the messenger should also take into account the culture or religious beliefs of the grieving family. This avoids any awkward faux pas and ensures a respectful tone regarding the family's beliefs about what happens to the deceased's spirit or soul after death, preventing further distress for the family.