How Do You Give a Birthday Toast Speech?

A birthday toast speech is given by saying a few words about the birthday person, raising a glass and drinking to the individual. The individual giving the toast should smile, say kind words about the person and make others in the room feel good.

There are no rules to follow when giving a birthday speech toast, the best tip is to simply speak from the heart. Below are a few tips that can help ensure a successful birthday toast.

  • Be complimentary
  • When giving a birthday toast speech it is important to remember to use compliments rather than insults, the goal is to toast the birthday person, not roast them.

  • Stay calm
  • There is no reason to benervous, take a deep breath and relax before beginning the speech. It may feel awkward to speak in front of people, especially if they are strangers, so focus on the birthday boy.

  • Keep it personal
  • Use something personal about the person to start off the speech, such as a hobby or a passion for a particular sport, a love for a specific animal or even an obsession over a social media platform. personal stories are great to share, but many times the audience is lost if they were not a part of the experience, so look for personal things about the person that others are aware of as well.

  • Use traditional or cliche speeches if necessary
  • If coming up with something personal is too difficult, it is fine to use traditional speeches or cliche lines, such as, looking forward to another great year, knowing the person has made life worthwhile.

  • Keep it simple
  • Avoid being long winded or overly detailed with the speech. Keep it simple, sincere and sweet for the best results.