What Do You Give for a 60th Anniversary?

When it comes to celebrating a 60th wedding anniversary together, the most common gift that a couple should give to each other is diamonds, according to Hallmark. This is considered an appropriate gift for more traditional exchanges and more modern ones as well.

Of course, diamonds make an ideal gift for both genders. For men, they can give their wives a ring, diamond-studded earrings, a necklace with the stone in it or a bracelet encrusted with diamonds, suggests Anniversary. Women can give their husbands diamonds in the form of cufflinks with the stone in them or watches.

Diamonds come in a variety of cuts, colors and clarity levels as well as different carats to determine their value. The Gemological Institute of America, or GIA, tests on these various qualities as well as the polish, the weight ratio, symmetry and the durability of a diamond to ensure its longevity when used in jewelry or other gifts. The fire, scintillation and brightness also determine how attractive that the diamond will look, GIA notes.

The GIA uses these factors to grade diamonds, so if a couple wants to make sure that they have the best quality stones to give to each other on their 60th wedding anniversary, they can receive a GIA grading report.