What Do You Give for a 20-Year Anniversary?

give-20-year-anniversary Credit: PhotoAlto/Laurence Mouton/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

If you are celebrating the length of time a couple has been married, china or anything platinum are possible gifts for a 20th anniversary. China is the traditional "official" gift, while platinum is the modern gift. The type of gift you give may vary depending on whether you are the husband or wife or if you are gifting an item to a couple.

When choosing a gift for a couple celebrating 20 years of marriage, go with something green or white because these are considered the official colors of the 20th anniversary. If choosing flowers, the official flower is the daylily. Other gift suggestions include a china cake plate, basket or figurines. Insert some daylilies in a china coffee cup or bowl. Couples choosing gifts for each other should consider platinum rings or jewelry with emeralds or yellow diamonds.

Additionally, splurging on a new set of china as a gift to each other is an option to either obtain the first set for the home or replace china that is no longer a part of the couple's tastes or which no longer matches the decor of the home. The traditional gift of china symbolizes the elegant and delicate love of a couple, and white platinum symbolizes strength and endurance.