What Are Some Girl's Night Party Ideas?

What Are Some Girl's Night Party Ideas?

Fill an at-home girls night party with wine tasting, chick flicks, spa treatments, games and baking. If the party is away from home, ideas include using Groupon or another similar site to find inspiration, reliving a bachelorette party, heading to a nearby sports court, or going on a shopping spree.

For an evening of wine tasting that evolves into a sleepover, gather friends to sip inexpensive bottles of wine. Whether opting for a potluck style in which everyone contributes a bottle, or the host provides all, enjoy one another's company while discussing insignificant topics, such as the interior decor or favorite celebrities. Include cheese and crackers to continue the vineyard theme.

If the girls are up for an evening of bar hopping, pick up a bunch of penis paraphernalia and a pseudo veil from a sex shop. Rotate who the bride-to-be is, and dance like its the last night before matrimony.

For an evening of baking, gather a do-it-yourself apron for every guest or one with a fun saying, such as "The Cupcake Girls" or "Girls Who Bake." Pull out ingredients for cupcakes, macaroons, cakes and cookies and start baking.

For a spa treatment party, create stations for makeup, nail polish and foot soaks. Turn a prom dress into a fun and flirty dress, and invite others to do the same. Provide flavored popcorn and drinks for the girls to enjoy.