What Are Some All-Girl Sleepover Activities?


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Popular all-girl sleepover activities include watching movies, doing makeovers, playing board games and completing arts and crafts projects. Girl sleepovers should focus on fun and friendship, so engaging group activities are ideal.

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Parents can help their daughters select a variety of kid-friendly movies that each girl at the party can enjoy. Disney classics, family flicks and musicals are some examples. Girls can dress up in fancy attire and hold their own beauty pageant or tea party. Parents can shop for fun "dress-up" clothes at local thrift stores. The girls can get gussied up with makeup and fun hairstyles.

Board games, such as Twister, Monopoly, Operation or Candy Land, can also keep the girls busy for hours. Choose a variety of games that are age-appropriate. Ribbons, buttons, wood chips and other items can be used to create arts and crafts projects that the girls can take home as party favors. Jewelry-making activities allow girls to express their creative sides. Coloring, drawing and finger painting works well for younger kids.

Parents can prepare for a sleepover by making brightly colored invitations that highlight the planned activities for the night. Each child can bring her own sleeping bag and camp out in a bedroom or living room together. Creating an inviting atmosphere with balloons, music and plenty of snacks helps the guests feel welcome and at ease.

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