What Are Some Gifts for a Woman on Her 60th Birthday?

What Are Some Gifts for a Woman on Her 60th Birthday?

Some ideas for a 60th birthday gift for a woman are a photo album or scrapbook, giving a gift to charity or giving her an experience. Other unique ideas are memory envelopes, a gift basket or classes.

A photo album can reflect back on 60 years of memories. It is possible to find online companies, such as Shutterfly.com and MilkBooks.com, to make photo books or to make a handmade scrapbook.

A gift to charity is a meaningful way to honor the birthday woman. The birthday person may already have a cause or charity that is meaningful to her, and giving a gift in her honor works well for a gift. Gifts may be in the form of money or items.

Experiences, ranging from race car driving to golf excursions to spa packages, can make for a special gift. Cloud 9 Living is a company that plans experiences, with some devoted specifically for a 60th birthday. The birthday woman may have a bucket list item that she would like to cross off.

To give memory envelopes, the gift giver sends out requests to family and friends for notes with a memory of the birthday woman. The gift giver then puts the notes put in individual envelopes and gathers them with a bow to give to the birthday woman.

Gift baskets can be filled with favorite items, such as chocolates, jams or breads, or memorabilia from the decade when the birthday woman was born.