What Are Some Gifts Suitable for a Father's Birthday?

What Are Some Gifts Suitable for a Father's Birthday?

Common gifts for fathers include ties and mugs, but tech goods and gadgets, including electronic tools, computers or tablets and smartphones are often very well-received. Gadgets tailored to their particular hobbies and interests make for particularly thoughtful gestures.

For a father who likes to spend time outdoors, camping, fishing or hiking, suitable gifts include an LED lantern (with high battery life and the capacity to charge other devices), a fishing multi-tool (comprising a bonker, a high-quality knife, a scooper and a sharpener), a fold-out USB solar charger or even a state-of-the-art personal camcorder for catching memorable sights and journeys.

The father who likes to exercise might benefit from a pair of good quality sneakers with special features like waterproofing, or a bracelet workout tracker which provides information on calories burned, distance traveled, hours slept and so forth.

For fathers who prefer to relax in the yard, a barbecue might make an appropriate gift, or else a hammock.

Films are often a safe bet, and all manner of DVD box sets are readily available nowadays. It may also be possible to find box sets containing the best films of a father's favorite actor's career.

Novelty or joke gifts are another good way to put a smile on a father's face. For the bacon lover (or hater), a bacon-scented candle might make an amusing gesture.