What Are Some Gifts for a One Year Old?

gifts-one-year-old Credit: Cultura RM/JPM/Collection Mix: Subjects/Getty Images

Fun and beneficial toys for a child who is a year old include nesting and stacking toys, shape sorting toys, toy musical instruments, bath toys and toy gadgets such as mobile phones. Board and pop-up books, building blocks and pull toys are also popular alternatives.

Shape sorting toys help develop eye hand coordination and also teach color and shape identification. Nesting and stacking sets teach motor skills related to building, pouring and identifying sizes. Push and pull toys encourage mobility and provide support as the child learns to walk. Toy musical instruments or even pots and ladles are great fun and provide the foundation to learn rhythm and causality.

Bath toys and bath books help young children overcome their fear of water and enjoy splashing and squeezing. Use fabric shape sorters as unusual bath toys. Toy gadgets are great ways to teach language and communication skills through imitation. Many of them have songs and rhymes built in. Building blocks provide unlimited opportunity for free-form play. Blocks made of fabric or foam make a great starter set. Books with thick pages, bright, happy, uncluttered pictures and a few words are a great early introduction to reading. Identify and name common items, fruit and pet animals with them.