What Gifts Are Appropriate for Both Boys and Girls?


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Although the practice giving gender-specific gifts is a cultural norm in the United States, there are plenty of gender-neutral gifts that are appropriate to give to any child; these gifts can include art supplies, such as crayons, board games or puzzles, simple musical instruments or toys for imagination play such as costumes or toy binoculars. Some parents may even prefer that gifts of time or experience are given instead of physical objects, such as a trip to a local park or zoo. These experience-based gifts typically focus on activities, such as playing outdoors or learning new things about animals, that all children are likely to enjoy regardless of gender.

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What Gifts Are Appropriate for Both Boys and Girls?
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A child's individual preferences should be taken into account before a gift is given, but if this information is not known, there are some general safe bets. Non-toxic crayons in a rainbow of colors are likely to be appreciated, and there are some unique crayon shapes, such as those shaped like pebbles, that are more unique.

Educational gifts are often presented with gender-neutral themes, and gifts that encourage an interest in science in technology are appropriate for all children. A microscope or digital magnifying tool can help foster a sense of curiosity and discovery in boys an girls alike.

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