What Are Some Gift Ideas for a Teenage Boyfriend?

Some gift ideas for a teenage boyfriend include a subscription to a movie service, clothing, sports equipment or electronics. Tailoring a gift to his personal interests is the key to the ideal present. When in doubt, something homemade like cookies or candy is sure to please.

Especially in a new relationship, it can be difficult to find that perfect gift for a teenaged boyfriend. There are, however, a few categories from which a girl can choose that may make the selection a bit easier.

  • For the movie buff - a subscription to a movie service is ideal for the guy who enjoys spending time watching movies or catching up on his favorite television shows. Add some bags of microwave popcorn and boxes of candy to complete the theme.
  • For the clothes horse - even if the boyfriend is not into current teen fashion, he is sure to appreciate a warm scarf and gloves for a cold climate or swim trunks and flip flops for the tropics. Perhaps he needs a new jacket or a T-shirt depicting his favorite band.
  • For the jock - a guy who is into sports is one of the easiest to buy for. A football fan can appreciate a new ball, cleats or jersey showcasing the number of his favorite player. Another idea is season tickets to watch his favorite team play.
  • For the techie - an electronic gadget piques the interest of a guy who is into technology. A gaming mouse or Bluetooth headset are two unique ideas.