What Are Some Gift Ideas for a Mother's 50th Birthday?


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Some suitable gifts for one's mother on her 50th birthday include clothing, jewelry, food or chocolate, fragrances, ornaments and accessories. For the socially conscientious mother who is turning 50, a donation to her favorite charity is also an appropriate and thoughtful gift.

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For foodie mothers who like to source fresh and natural ingredients, but are unable to grow any for themselves, a subscription on her behalf to a farming co-op makes an excellent gift. While similar to a charity, in that they support small farming operations, customers are essentially renting their own source of food and partaking in the harvest — be it a peach tree in the state of Georgia, a coffee or cocoa tree in the rain forest or an oyster bed in Puget Sound.

When considering fragrances as gifts for a mother turning 50, a more creative idea is to purchase an amulet. These are hand-crafted fragrance containers that are worn as an accessory, rather than dabbing the fragrance directly on the skin.

An alternative to giving something tangible as a gift would be to throw a party for the mother turning 50. A picnic on the beach is a good idea for those with summer birthdays, and a great way to take her mind off the milestone that 50 represents.

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