What Are Some Gift Ideas for a Big Sister?


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Some good gift ideas for a young girl who has just become a big sister include personalized T-shirts and mugs, an inexpensive camera and her own photo album, new books, or a toy baby bag for her doll. Grown-up big sisters may also enjoy perfumes, cosmetics or clothes.

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Whether the gift is for a big sister who is still a child or one who is also a mother or grandmother, personalized gifts are always welcome. Get a T-shirt, cap, mug or photo frame printed with a special and endearing message of appreciation. When a young child welcomes a sibling into the family and suddenly becomes a big sister, nothing helps to make that transition smoother than for her to be a part of the change. A disposable or inexpensive camera can give her many opportunities to take photographs of the new baby to store in her own photo album. Get the big sister a toy diaper bag that she can carry around along with her favorite doll. The bag can include all the standard baby supplies, such as play diapers, cream and a changing mat.

Big sister gift ideas need not be confined to young children. Grown-up big sisters can still be appreciated, and thoughtful gifts for them include bath products or a gift card to a favorite store.

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