What Are Some Gift Ideas Appropriate for a 60-Year-Old Man?

Some gift ideas appropriate for a 60-year-old man include planning a hobby-related activity.. Old photographs, a bottle of wine and comfortable clothes are other appropriate gifts.

Some activities include a golf day and a test drive in the person's dream vehicle. Organizing a fishing trip, getting tickets to his favorite sporting event or obtaining a gift certificate for a dance lesson are some other fun ideas.

Such gifts give the person an opportunity to do something they enjoy or a chance to try out something new. Including the team jersey, a dancing outfit or a golf kit can make these gifts more memorable.

When gifting clothes, consider the birthday boy's preferences and the season. Clothing gifts include cashmere sweaters, spa robes, cotton pajamas and fancy wear.

A certificate for a massage or to a chiropractor can act as an antidote for any aches and pains that come with age. Taking the person for a meal at an upscale restaurant that serves his favorite fare along with family or close friends is also appropriate. Including a bottle of wine with this gift indicates that things only improve with age.

A nostalgic gift to give is a framed old photo from his childhood, youth or wedding days. If there are several old pictures, create a photo calendar or a scrapbook using them.