What Are Some Gift Ideas for a 50th Birthday?

Some gifts that could be suitable for someone celebrating their 50th birthday include jewelry (gold being especially associated with the 50th), a special vacation, such as a cruise, or some fancy designer perfume, such as Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren. Gifts with more of a personal touch include a bottle of wine from the year of their birth or a decorative photo frame containing pictures of their loved ones and perhaps a personal message.

The 50th birthday is often considered to be among the most worthy of celebration, marking half a century of a person's growth in knowledge, wisdom and experience. Gifts for people turning 50 should reflect the momentousness of the occasion and show the person just how much they mean.

A good way to start planning thoughtful gifts is to make a list of the recipient's interests and hobbies. Browsing gifts related to their favorite sports, for instance, can turn up a wealth of appropriate gift ideas.

Many people turning 50 are eager to demonstrate that they are no less fun and adventurous for reaching this age. They may, at the same time, seek to fulfill lifelong goals, such as seeing a beloved singer in concert, participating in a flash mob or getting a tattoo — all of which could make unique, thoughtful and memorable gifts.

A self-care gift may be a massage gift certificate or other pampering experience. Someone turning 50 may enjoy learning or doing something new and fun, such as taking a lesson, skydiving, going on a trip, or attending a musical. Writing a letter is a great way to let the birthday person know they are appreciated. Gag gifts, such as prune juice and walkers, are good gifts for someone with a silly sense of humor. Making a donation in someone’s name is also an appropriate way to commemorate a birthday, suggests Mamiverse.

Theme gifts are a good idea, such as pairing a DVD with a fashion magazine and accessory or beach bag, with all the right accoutrement. A farm share or CSA may be just right for the health conscience birthday person. A chocolate shop tour, similar to a wine tour, is a more decadent option and available in many cities, according to The Huffington Post.

People of any age can appreciate a handmade gift. Something made in the kitchen, a crafty accessory, a rustic cutting board, or a felt iPad cover are gift options suggested by HGTV.