What Are Some Gift Ideas for 10-Year-Old Girls?


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Gift ideas for 10-year-old girls include jewelry, a musical instrument, a video game, a journal or a gift card to her favorite clothing store. To get something she likes, the gift-giver can base the gift on her interests or ask her what she wants.

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What Are Some Gift Ideas for 10-Year-Old Girls?
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Girls typically enjoy jewelry, such as necklaces, earrings and bracelets. For multiple pieces of jewelry, the gift-giver can purchase a jewelry set. If she doesn't have her ears pierced, he can take her to pick out earrings and get them pierced, with her parent's permission. One jewelry-related option is a jewelry box.

If the girl has taken a music class at school, she may enjoy having her own instrument. Otherwise, the gift-giver can take her to the music store and let her pick out an instrument she enjoys playing. Video games are popular with boys and girls. Video game-related options include a handheld system or a controller.

Girls usually enjoy writing about their lives, so a journal is a useful gift. If she prefers drawing, a scrapbook is a good alternative. At 10 years old, girls typically start taking more of an interest in fashion. With a gift card to her favorite store, she can pick out clothing she likes.

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