How Do You Get Gift Cards From StubHub?


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StubHub gift cards can be purchased online directly from the company. Gift cards are available as e-cards and as plastic cards. Plastic gift cards may also be purchased at StubHub locations. E-cards can be redeemed online using a redemption code. Plastic gift cards can be redeemed online or at StubHub ticketing locations.

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StubHub plastic gift cards are available in denominations of $25, $50, $100, $300, $500 and $1,000. The company offers different designs for special occasions, including congratulatory and birthday designs, available on plastic gift cards.

E-cards are delivered to the recipient by email or can be printed by the purchaser. The purchaser may include a personalized text message, picture or audio message. StubHub requests that messages and pictures submitted do not contain graphic or offensive images and language. E-cards are available in the same denominations as the plastic cards. Delivery for e-cards can be immediate or scheduled for a later date, up to two months in advance.

Gift cards can also be purchased in bulk orders through StubHub.com. StubHub gift cards never expire. Promotional gift cards may have an expiration date. There are no fees associated with purchasing a gift card; purchasers pay for the face value of the card. A shipping fee may apply to purchases of plastic gift cards online.

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