What Games Should You Play at a Sweet 16 Party?

Lie detector and musical chairs are two games that can be played at a Sweet 16 party. Another good game is Balloon Truth or Dare.

To play lie detector, a person passes out a piece of paper and a pen to each guest. The guests then write down three things on a piece of paper: two true things about themselves and one untrue thing. As they read the things off, the other players have to guess which of the three is a lie.

Musical chairs is played by setting up an amount of chairs equal to the amount of players minus one. Start playing a song as the group walks around the circle of chairs. When the music stops, each person in front of a chair sits down. The person left standing is eliminated. After each round, users should remove one chair and play again.

Balloon Truth or Dare is played by writing 10 dares and 10 truths on separate index cards. Place one card in each balloon until they are all filled then blow them up. Each guest pops a balloon and has to do what the card instructs.