What Are Some Games to Play at a Slumber Party?


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There are many games and activities that people can do to have entertaining slumber parties, including making shirts, decorating pillow cases, relaxing in spas, hosting scavenger hunts and singing karaoke. Many of these activities involve materials that are likely to already be in the house and are generally inexpensive.

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What Are Some Games to Play at a Slumber Party?
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To make t-shirts, first buy cheap shirts and iron-on letters from the store. Guests can then put names, quotes or other phrases on the shirts. As long as the shirts are washed and dried before guests leave, the ironed-on patches will stay on the shirts.

Guests can decorate pillows using fabric pens or permanent markers. These decorations can include drawings and signatures, allowing guests to remember the night by signing each other's pillows.

Scavenger hunts are a fun activity for guests. Guests are tasked with finding various items that are hidden around the house. Hosts can use cheap or disposable items, such as shopping bags and paper clips, for the scavenger hunt to keep things affordable.

Many guests are likely to enjoy karaoke. While it's possible to use a karaoke machine or singing video game to play karaoke, hosts can also simply play episodes of American Idol and encourage guests to sing. A handful of guests can serve as judges to determine who best performed the song.

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