What Games Do You Play at a Graduation Party?


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One game to play at a graduation party is the "Who Am I" game. A sticky note is applied to the back of each attendee, and they must ask yes or no questions to determine the name on the note. Another game is a version of Twister using school colors.

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Another game to play at a graduation party is a version of a murder mystery game. The mystery is set up so that one of the graduate's big gifts is discovered only by solving the murder. The crime scene can be set up around the graduate's desk or by setting up a classroom, while clues can be placed in textbooks or notebooks.

For an outdoor party, one game to play is a treasure or scavenger hunt, with a special prize for all the attendees at the end of the challenge. The clues of the hunt are tied to information about the graduate. Often, maps are handed out to partygoers, on which the clues are recorded. This can be played in teams or by individuals, depending on the size of the party.

If the party includes dancing, one game to play to get everyone involved is musical partners. The game begins with one couple who dances until the music stops. Once the music stops, the couple splits up and selects two other partners to dance with. This step is repeated as many times as necessary until every attendee is on the dance floor.

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