What Are Games to Play at a Baby Shower?


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Some games to play at a baby shower include Baby BINGO, Name That Baby Tune, Don't Call Me Baby and Who's That Baby. Some other games include Just Ask Mama and What's In the Diaper.

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What Are Games to Play at a Baby Shower?
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Baby BINGO requires BINGO templates for all the guests with each blank square of the template containing a random item from the registry. As the gifts are opened, guests mark items off of the template, and the first guest to get a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row wins a gift card.

Name That Baby Tune is played by creating a CD or playlist full of songs that have the words "baby" or "babe" in the title. Play the first few seconds of the song for guests and give them time to write down what they think the name of the song is, then repeat with the next song. After 10 or 15 songs, list the titles of the songs and give the person with the most correct guesses wins an iTunes gift card.

Don't Call Me Baby is a game where guests are not allowed to say the word "baby" during the course of the shower. Each guest is given a diaper pin, but if someone is caught saying the word "baby," they have to give their pin to the person who caught them. The person with the most pins at the end of the shower wins a brooch or pin.

Who's That Baby requires each guest to send the host a baby picture. The photos are pinned with clothespins to a clothesline or thick string, and each photo is given a number. Guests are given 10 minutes to match the baby photos with the correct shower attendees. The person who matches the most pictures wins a picture frame.

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