What Are Games to Play at an Anniversary Party?

games-play-anniversary-party Credit: Fuse/Getty Images

How much did it cost?, anniversary trivia and anniversary bingo are a few games that can be played at anniversary parties. The games focus on the year that the first event occurred and the couple that is celebrating.

How much did it cost? is a game that is quick and can be used as somewhat of an icebreaker for party guests. The facilitator of the party should get a list of items and what they cost during the year that the first even occurred. The guests will be asked to guess the cost of the items. After each item has been shown or talked about, the facilitator can reveal the cost of the item. The guest with the most correct prices wins.

Anniversary trivia revolves around the couple who is celebrating. The facilitator of the party should get answers to some questions about the couple. The guests will then be asked these questions. The guest who gets the most correct answers wins the game.

For anniversary bingo, bingo cards should be made up with pictures and items from the era that the first event happened in. Slips of paper should be made to correspond with these events. When an event is pulled out of the bowl of slips, guests can mark it off if it is on the card. The guest who gets a line marked off straight across, diagonal or vertical wins the game.