What Games Can You Play on New Year's Eve With Your Family?


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Celebrate New Year's Eve with your family by playing New Year's Bingo, making an end-of-the-year scavenger hunt, playing hide-and-seek with a ticking clock and guessing each others' resolutions. Make a New Year's Eve word scramble or crossword puzzle to solve as a family or have a silly-face competition.

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Make most family games into New Year's Eve games by adding appropriate themes. Use party poppers or noisemakers as game pieces to move on game boards. Play old New Year's Eve countdown videos or the year's top music chart while you play Duck, Duck, Goose or musical chairs with young children. Play a matching game with different countries, with each country's New Year's customs or ways of saying, "Happy New Year."

In addition to games, celebrate New Year's Eve with your family with other activities. Create a time capsule to review the year and hide it to open up again the next New Year's Eve. Make your own New Year's ball or balls with balloons to drop at midnight. Teach children how to perform a toast with sparkling cider or grape juice. Create a New Year's resolution tree to pin each family member's goals for the year. Involve the family in creating a traditional New Year's Eve meal.

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