What Are Some Game Ideas for a New Year's Eve Party?


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Some game ideas for a New Year's Eve party are Human Bingo, Pass the New Year's Hat, Paper Costumes, Charades, Poker or Pictionary. Many games have pieces that can be printed at home or only require a few common supplies.

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What Are Some Game Ideas for a New Year's Eve Party?
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Human Bingo is a good game to play when guests aren't familiar with each other. The party host makes Bingo game boards with facts about each guest in the squares. Guests are each given a game board and work the room asking other guests questions about themselves until they get a Bingo.

Pass the New Year's Hat involves the host of the party choosing any type of party hat he wants, but making it decorative. Party goers gather in a circle and have to pass the hat from person to person without using their hands or letting the hat drop. If the hat drops the person is out of the game. The last person in the game wins the hat and gets to wear it the rest of the night in honor.

To play Paper Costumes, split guests into groups and give them supplies, such as newspaper or paper towels, tape, scissors and string. The group picks one person to be decorated in a paper costume and are given 10 minutes to make a design. Everyone votes on the best costume and the one with the most votes wins.

Other party games include New Year's Secret Stash and Guess the Month. These games are good for parties with a large number of guests.

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