What Are Some Game Ideas for a Fall Festival?


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Some game ideas for a fall festival include a pumpkin relay race and "Feed the Turkey." Other harvest-themed games are "Ring the Pumpkin" and candy corn golf.

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To hold a pumpkin relay race, designate a start and finish line. Half of each team stands on the start line and the other half stands on the finish line. Give each team a large pumpkin and blow a whistle to start the race. Each person must roll the pumpkin to the opposite line and pass it to the next person. The team that finishes rolling the pumpkin first wins.

Make a fall-themed game called "Feed the Turkey" by making a turkey out of a sheet of wood, including a hole for the mouth. Have people compete by tossing bean bags into the turkey's mouth. To play "Ring the Pumpkin," place small pumpkins in a "pumpkin patch" and make rings out of rope. Participants toss the rope rings around the stems of the pumpkins for prizes.

To make a game similar to miniature golf, decorate a large cardboard box to look like a piece of candy corn and cut a hole in the bottom front. Participants compete by seeing who can use a golf club to get a ball into the hole with the lowest number of shots.

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