What Are Some Game Ideas for a Child's Luau Birthday Party?


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For a child's luau birthday party, a parent may set up fun games such as pass the coconut, ring toss and the limbo. To set up a luau-themed ring toss, purchase some mini-tiki torches and place them in the ground. The kids toss the rings around the torches.

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Another great game for a luau birthday party is pass the coconut. This simple game requires a coconut and follows rules similar to the rules for musical chairs. The kids sit in a circle on the grass. Once the music starts, the children pass around the coconut. Once the music stops, the child that is left holding the coconut is out. The circle gets smaller to fill in the gap, and the music starts again. The last child left wins a prize.

Playing limbo at a luau is practically mandatory. Purchase a bamboo stick to stay with the luau theme and let two people hold it horizontally, parallel to the ground. If a bamboo stick is not available, a broomstick makes an easy substitute. All of the children limbo under the stick, at which point the stick is lowered, and the children go again. Any child who does not make it without bumping the stick is out. The last remaining child wins.

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