What Are Some Gag Gifts for a 50th Birthday?


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Gag gifts for someone's 50th birthday party should play with the number 50 and make fun of the idea of getting old. This should be done in a lighthearted, not cruel or mocking, way. Options include a set of 50 rocks or lollipops, and a garden chime made with the metal numbers "5" and "0".

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To make gag gifts for turning 50, there is no need to spend a lot of money. A witty idea is worth as much as an expensive gift. Before preparing the gift, it is important to consider the gender of the birthday person. For instance, a fan for dealing with hot flashes is suitable for women only.

  • "50 rocks" gag gift - Pick 50 rocks. These could be simple pebbles or special geological rocks. Wrap them and attach a note, "50 rocks."
  • "50 sucks" gag gift - Buy 50 lollipops. Put them in a gift box and label the box "50 sucks."
  • Garden chimes gag gift - At a hardware store, find several metal "5"s and "0"s that are used for door numbers. Attach them, with string, to a wooden stick or a metal ring.
  • Hot flash gag gift - Collect several items, such as a hand-held electric fan, a handkerchief and a paper or fabric fan, to prepare a woman for hot flashes.
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