What Are Some Funny Valentine Verses for Kids?


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Some funny Valentine's Day verses aimed at children are provided by children's author Bethany Roberts. One of these is "Kevin and Katie Up In a Tree," which reads: "Kevin and Katie up in a tree, / K-I-S-S-I-N-G! / First comes love, / then comes marriage / then comes a Baby in a baby carriage!" Another is entitled "I love..." and reads: "I love coffee, / I love tea, / I love you, Do you love me?"

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Another humorous Valentine's Day verse suitable for kids reads: "Curlylocks, Curlylocks, / Will you be mine? / You shall not wash dishes / Nor feed the swine, / But sit on a cushion / And sew a fine seam, / And sip upon strawberries, / Sugar, and cream."

Some verses focus more on Valentine's Day specifically than romance more generally. An example is "A Valentine for My Teacher," which reads: "My teacher's very special / so I'm making her a heart, / a valentine that's sure to be / a proper work of art. / I've worked on it all morning / so it should be ready soon, / I'd like to slip it on her desk / before this afternoon. / It's colored in with crayons / and it's trimmed with paper lace, / it has flowers, hearts, and cupids— / I can't wait to see her face."

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