What Are Some Funny Valentine's Day Poems?

funny-valentine-s-day-poems Credit: Hero Images/Digital Vision/Getty Images

A funny Valentine's Day poems is titled "He Sent His Love a Valentine" and reads, "He sent his love a Valentine; / His love did not reply. / We never dare to care to sign / These things, I wonder why." "Hindsight," "The Kangaroo's Courtship," "Veggie Valentine," "Since My Valentine Got a Computer" and "An Angry Valentine" are more examples of funny Valentine's Day poems. These poems are available on the Brownielocks and Poem Source websites.

In "Hindsight," the narrator reminisces about a previous Valentine's Day. He looks back on this day with remorse, wishing he had fled instead of asking someone to be his Valentine. This poem provides a cynical and humorous perspective on Valentine's Day.

Jane Yolen wrote "The Kangaroo's Courtship" from the perspective of a male kangaroo named "Mr. Kangaroo." In the poem, Mr. Kangaroo asks another kangaroo to be his wallaby. The kangaroo lists the perks of being his Valentine, such as jumping and riding in his pocket. Mr. Kangaroo then professes his love and asks the other kangaroo to be his bouncing bride.

Valentine's Day began as a celebration for the Christian saint Valentinus. Many modern countries, including the United States, China and India, celebrate Valentine's day every year as a festival of love and affection.