What Are Some Funny Sayings for Fake Tombstones?


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Some funny sayings for fake tombstones are, "Here lies Mozart, Decomposing" and, "Beneath this stone my wife doth lie, now she's at rest and so am I." Other short, yet humorous epitaphs include, "I told you I was sick!" "Don't make me come up there!" and "Rest in Pieces."

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Amusing fake tombstones are popular Halloween decorations. To give people the creeps but make them giggle at the same time, phrases such as "Not Resting in Peace" and "I Shall Return on All Hallows Eve" are effective. Along with funny sayings on the tombstones, inscribing names that use morbid humor and puns, such as Dee Parted, Ima Rottin and Pearl E. Gates, can add more hilarity.

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