What Are Some Funny Ideas for Sleepover Pranks?


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Humorous sleepover pranks include the classic, such as decorating a sleeping guest's face with outrageous makeup, to the frightening, including leaving a can of baked beans on the camp stove overnight so that it creates a loud and messy explosion. Other pranks, such as one that involves pouring chocolate pudding and ice cubes down someone's pants and then tying the person to a desk, may be a bit more difficult to carry out.

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A traditional April Fool's Day prank that can work well for a sleepover involves covering the toilet basin with clear plastic wrap. Ensure that there are no wrinkles so that it is not easily seen, and lower the lid. Guests who need to use the bathroom receive an unpleasant surprise, so it is important that extra clothes are available.

To enact the peanut butter and feather prank, gently place peanut butter or whipped cream on the backs of a sleeping friend's hands. Tickle her nose with a feather. When she starts to wake up, she is apt to scratch her nose and spread peanut butter all over her face.

Once guests have fallen asleep in the middle of the night, turn on flood lights, and announce that it is morning. Alternately, sing opera solos as loud as possible once a friend goes to sleep. When she awakens, look around confused.

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