What Is a Funny Eulogy?

A funny eulogy is a speech given at a memorial service that employs comedic elements to lighten the mood, while still showing respect for the deceased. Despite the somber tone understandably typical of funerals, some people feel that some lighthearted jokes are a fitting way of honoring recently deceased acquaintances.

The most important thing anyone intending to give a funny eulogy should remember is that it is still a eulogy, and the audience is a collection of grieving mourners. The goal of any eulogy is to pay tribute to the dead while comforting the living, and comedy, a powerful and bonding force that can shine a light in dark times, is capable of achieving this goal. Like any eulogy, a funny one is thoughtful, heartfelt and ultimately respectful. Though jokes at the expense of the deceased are not necessarily out of bounds, speech givers need a careful and methodical approach in their writing and delivery or else risk coming off as heartless. Examples of funny eulogies include comedian John Cleese's eulogy for fellow Monty Python member Graham Chapman, which actually included curse words, and actor Tom Hanks' eulogy for former co-star Michael Clarke Duncan, which saw Hanks break into laughter.