What Are Some Funny Bridal Shower Poems?


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Some funny bridal shower poems are "Hanging Out to Dry" and "Shower or Zoo?" Another funny bridal shower poem that invites guests to attend the shower and promises a fun celebration is "It's a Surprise."

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"Hanging Out to Dry" tells the story of bridal shower festivities. The poem tells the story of the arrival of guests for the celebration. A popular game to play at a shower is to tell women attending the shower to avoid saying the groom's name and to avoid saying the word wedding. The poem describes the game's rules, the game's laughter and the excitement of winning prizes for collecting the most clothespins from other players. Guests that lose all of their clothespins are said to hang out to dry.

In "Shower or Zoo?" the author talks about a group of women gathering to celebrate the bridal shower and upcoming wedding. The writer compares the noise and laughter at the shower to the noise that occurs in a zoo. The women's laughter is like the laughter of animals, explains the poem.

At the shower, the women look at the bride's dress and celebrate with wine. Any passing men run from the festivities. The women begin dancing when they drink wine. The poem ends by inviting the women to eat at the shower.

Another funny bridal shower poem is "It's a Surprise." The poem says that the bridal shower party is a surprise "for girls and no guys." The poem goes on to promise a celebration and good wishes for the bride. The party date is not far away, and the host looks forward to bringing joy to the guest of honor.

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