What Are Some Funny Bridal Shower Games?


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Funny bridal shower games include Bridal Trivia, Telephone Toast, Two Truths and Lie and Wedding Movie Charades. To prepare for the trivia game, the host collects interesting bits of information about the bride, such as her favorite cereal.

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What Are Some Funny Bridal Shower Games?
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At the shower, the host reads each trivia question and offers the guests three possible answers. The individual who answers the most questions correctly wins.

Telephone Toast is a variation of a classic children's game. The guests sit in a circle. The person who starts whispers a toast or happy wish for the couple to the next person. The whispered toast is passed around the circle. When the toast returns to the start, that individual states the original toast along with the whispered variation. Each guest has the opportunity to send a toast around the circle.

For Two Truths and a Lie, each guest shares three experiences she has had with the bride. However, only two are true. The other guests try to guess which story is a lie. Each person who guesses correctly gets a point. The guest with the most points at the end wins the game.

To prepare for Wedding Movie Charades, the host compiles cards with names of movies that feature weddings. The game is played in teams like classic charades. Guests take turns acting out the movies without speaking while their teammates try to guess the titles.

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