What Are Some Funny 40th Birthday Sayings?


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Funny 40th birthday sayings include "Turning 40 is better than the alternative - turning 41," "Good riddance to your thirties" and "Life's too short, especially now that you're 40." A funny compliment to the recipient, such as "Now start aging like a normal person," is another option for a message.

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Since 40 is near the middle of a typical human's lifespan, the 40th birthday is a significant milestone. When choosing sayings for a 40th birthday message, the writer has the option of a funny, serious or inspirational message, or a combination of different tones. He should base his message on his own personality and the recipient's personality. He should only write a funny card message if it comes naturally to him. He should be careful with the types of jokes he writes if the recipient is easily offended.

Light-hearted jokes that make fun of the recipient for being old, such as "You gain a new view on life at 40, thanks to your new glasses," are an option if he doesn't take things too seriously. Complimentary funny messages make the recipient feel better, especially if he is worried about getting older. These messages can compliment the recipient's youthful appearance or attitude. Jokes that don't compliment or insult the recipient include, "At least you're not 40 in dog years" and "Just consider this the anniversary of your 39th birthday."

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