What Funeral Services Does Thomas Funeral Home in Cambridge Offer?

What Funeral Services Does Thomas Funeral Home in Cambridge Offer?

Thomas Funeral Home in Cambridge, Maryland offers funeral services including viewing, burial, cremation and other memorial ceremonies. The staff can help clients choose caskets, grave markers, urns and options for cremated remains.

A traditional funeral service involves embalming the deceased prior to public viewing of the deceased. This is followed by interment at a cemetery.

According to FuneralPlanning.com, a memorial service only differs from a traditional funeral service in that the body of the deceased is not present at a memorial service. Memorial services can be held at the Thomas Funeral Home or at a separate church or cemetery of the client's choosing.

Though typically less expensive than traditional burial services, cremation services can still include a memorial service and even interment of the ashes if so desired.

The funeral services provided are not limited to the memorial service alone. The funeral director sees to all of the details that come along with a death. These include collecting the deceased and transporting it to the funeral home, filing death certificates, preparing and submitting obituaries, coordinating with ministers and doctors, and many other tasks while providing comfort to the bereaved.

Thomas Funeral Home also offers resources for grief support and pre-arrangements, as well as unique memorial mementos in a variety of media from simple register books to video presentations.