What Are Fun Things to Do at a Party?


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Fun things to do at a party include playing games, cooking together and dancing. Food-tasting sessions and competitions also make for great fun at parties.

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The kind of games selected for a party depend largely on the main age group of the attendees. Games can also be decided based on the theme of the party, and even adults enjoy the usual staples of card games and board games, such as Monopoly. Another fun party activity is to organize a cook-out or barbecue. The guests can contribute by bringing food, making salads or manning the grills, and there is sure to be great food at the end.

A party for food fans can feature a tasting session of a variety of the group's favorite food or drink. This can be wine, cheese, teas, coffees or even chocolates. Individuals or couples can contribute to the sampling board, and the activity can be timed as an appetizer or as dessert.

Nothing brings a party quite to life, like a competition. From simple ideas like arm wrestling and topic-based singing, to more elaborate dressing up competitions, or racing to eat or make food and drinks, a competition or two can make for great fun for a large group.

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