What Are Some Fun Things to Do at a Party?

fun-things-party Credit: Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Blend Images/Getty Images

There are numerous games that people can play at parties, and the type of game chosen often depends on the age group of party attendees. Chosen games should not only be age-appropriate, but need to also be based on the occasion, location and other considerations.

Classic, fun games played at children's functions, such as birthday parties, include Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Musical Chairs and Bean Bag Toss. The concept of how to play these games is generally easy to grasp and can be enjoyed by most school-aged children.

While some teens may enjoy games from their younger years, many also like games that are cool and popular among their friends. "I Am" is a fun impersonation game, suggested by the website Fun-Stuff-To-Do.com. It requires players to write the name of a person they plan to impersonate. Each person must take turns guessing who the person is impersonating, while also taking turns doing their own impersonations for others to guess. The person who guesses the most impersonations wins. Other teen games suggested by Fun-Stuff-To-Do.com include Mystery Balloon Pinata, Pass the Peanut and Head Pop.

Adults may enjoy a game of Musical Chairs or "I Am" and other teen games. Other popular games among adults include Taboo, Charades and Scrabble. Adults interested in bringing out their inner child may be up for a scavenger or treasure Hunt, or engaging in a three-legged race.