What Are Some Fun Things to Do on New Year's Eve?

If you plan to stay at home for New Year's Eve, fun activities include playing homemade games, eating a midnight meal and having a snowball fight. If instead you want a night on the town, your New Year's Eve can include a meal out, a firework display or a concert.

Original games can be a fun pastime while counting down to the new year at home. Prepare a countdown grab bag with an activity for each hour until midnight, and then do each one at random, as recommended on the website One Good Thing by Jillee. Ring in the new year with a homemade meal; serve it at midnight alongside a festive drink.

Spending New Year's Eve in a large city is especially fun, thanks to the wide variety of celebrations hosted by large venues. Whether you live near Chicago, New York City or any other metropolis, catch a concert at your favorite venue, or cast your eyes upon a firework display. If you don't mind braving the elements in the middle of winter, you can join Times Square revelers in New York City to watch the annual ball drop.