What Are Some Fun Santa Claus Games?


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Fun Santa Claus-themed games include Secret Santa, Pin the Hat on Santa, Santa's Scavenger Hunt and Santa's Laugh-Off. While most Santa games are designed for children, they are a fun and festive part of any family Christmas party.

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What Are Some Fun Santa Claus Games?
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To play Secret Santa, everyone brings a small, humorous wrapped gift. At the party, each player chooses and unwraps a gift while everyone watches. Pin the Hat on Santa puts a holiday twist on Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Blindfolded players take turns trying to pin a Christmas hat on a poster of Santa. Santa's Scavenger Hunt involves tracking down various Christmas items like candy canes and stockings. In Santa's Laugh-Off party guests compete to see who can best imitate Santa's trademark "Ho, ho, ho!"

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