What Are Some Fun Pool Party Ideas?


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A fun pool party idea is to host a beach party in the backyard. Create a perfect beach atmosphere on the lawn by serving food on seashell dishes and drinks in sand buckets. Add more fun to the party by having beach balls that the guests can play with in the water or on land.

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What Are Some Fun Pool Party Ideas?
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Go for the "Under the Sea" beach party theme to give a new experience to the guests. To create an underwater feel, hang decorations that look like streamers or bubbles. Choose the color blue for lighting to give the party an authentic underwater look. Use plants that look like seaweed to decorate tables, and serve fish-shaped foods.

Another fun party idea is to bring back childhood memories by having a "back to school" theme. Guests can dress in school uniforms and carry school bags. Offer fruits such as apples for snacking, and display a chalkboard that everybody can scribble on. Props such as binders and notebooks can make the party even more interactive.

An ice-cream-themed pool party is a fun idea for which guests wear colorful bathing suits and enjoy ice creams of various flavors. Set out ice cream accompaniments such as sprinkles, cones and fruits.

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