What Are Some Fun Phrases for Wishing Someone a Happy Birthday?

Some fun ways to wish a happy birthday to someone include recognizing their advancing age with sayings like, "Here's to being another year older," or, "You're over the hill!" You could also swap the word "birth" with "born" and say "happy born-day!" Another fun and creative option is to learn the phrase in another language, such as "feliz cumpleaños."

In Mexico, the traditional "Happy Birthday" song begins, "Estas son las mañanitas que cantaba el rey [name]." In German, the phrase is, "Alles gute zum geburtstag!"

Still more options in English include sending wishes for the year ahead, such as, "“Happy [41st]! May this be the year you finally take that fishing trip,” or, “Here’s to you on your birthday! Do it up big!”

Birthdays are also an opportunity to send wishes of gratitude or love. According to Hallmark, some examples include, “I hope you feel loved and appreciated today. Because you are,” or, “Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people in the history of ever.”

Birthdays are also an opportunity to share a laugh with silly wishes such as, "Welcome to the age of ear hair,” or, “I think you’re officially vintage now!”

Finally, birthdays are a fun chance to relive memories shared with the honoree. For example, “Hope your birthday is as fun as those middle-school slumber parties back in the day," is a fun way to recall a childhood together. For a newer friend, "I’m thinking about your last birthday. I seriously recommend celebrating any way but THAT,” may recognize a birthday gone bad.