What Are Some Fun Party Games for Teenagers?


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Some fun party games for teenagers include two truths and a lie, eat the donut, the mummy, and lap chain. A party should be memorable, and these games can make the event exciting.

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Two truths and a lie is interesting when played by people who do not know each other well. In the game, every teen says three things about themselves. Two things should be true while one should be a lie. The other players should then guess what the lie is.

Eat the donut involves threading donuts through a string and hanging the string between two poles. The teenagers then break into pairs and compete to see which pair eats the donuts quickly without using the hands. If a team drops the donut, it stops playing the game.

The mummy requires the teenagers to break into groups of three or two. Every group gets a toilet paper roll and chooses one member to be the mummy. The game has a timer, and the teams compete to see who rolls the mummy with the roll of toilet paper quickly. Points also go to the team that comes up with the most creative mummy.

Lap chain is a flirty circle game. The teenagers form a circle, and everyone turns to the right. They then squeeze in and make the circle smaller until they are all close enough to sit slowly on someone else's lap. The aim is for everyone to sit down without falling on the backside or collapsing the circle.

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