What Are Some Fun Party Games for Kids Under 5?


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Party game ideas for young kids include treasure hunts, relay races, pin the tail on the donkey, and dancing games. Ideal games take into consideration the physical coordination of young children so the guests stay interested.

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What Are Some Fun Party Games for Kids Under 5?
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Treasure hunts send the young guests on the search for items. Objects related to the theme work well for the hunt. Examples include foam sports balls for a sports-themed party or large gemstones for a princess party. The kids search the area and collect the items as they find them.

Relay races require an open space free of obstacles, such as a backyard or large room. A traditional relay race is the egg and spoon race where players balance an egg on a large kitchen spoon as they walk to the other end of the playing area. A plastic Easter egg in place of a real egg makes the game less messy. Themed relays based on the party such as carrying a bucket of water for a firefighter party or balancing a tiara on the head for a princess party also work.

Pin the tail on the donkey is a classic party game with variations to fit the party theme. Kids might play pin the nose on the clown for a circus theme or pin the hat on the cowboy for a western party.

Freeze dance is simple enough for young kids. They dance while the music plays and freeze when it stops. The Hokey Pokey is another suitable dance option.

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